Alcock in G

Ashfield in E minor

Aston in F

Byrd 2nd Service

Byrd 3rd Service

Byrd Short Service

Causton Short Service

Darke in F

Dyson in D (Nunc Dimittis)

Dyson in F

Gibbons 2nd Service

Gray in F minor

Greene in C

Hardie in C

Harwood in A flat

Heath Verse Service

Henn-Macrae in G minor (Nunc Dimittis)

Howells in G

Howells "Collegium Regale"

Howells Gloucester Service

Howells St Paul's Service

Howells Westminster Abbey Service

Hunt in E flat

Hylton Stewart in C

Ireland in F

Ives (Grayston) in D (ASB text)

Kelly in C

Kelly in E flat (“Jamaican Canticles”)

Lloyd Salisbury Service

Marson Second Service

Mold in G

Moore Third Service

Morley First Service

Murrill in E

Naylor in A

Noble in B minor

Ramsey Short Service

Selby in F

Shephard (Richard) - Song of Mary

Somervell in F

Stanford in A

Stanford in C

Stanford in F

Stanford in G

Sumsion in A

Sumsion in G

Walmisley in D major

Walmisley in D minor

Ward First Service

Weelkes for 5 Voices

Weelkes for Trebles

Wesley in E

Wesley in F

Whitlock in D

Willan in E flat

Wood in A flat

Wood in C minor

Wood in D

Wood in E flat (No 1)

Wood in F "Collegium Regale"

Wood in G (Nunc Dimittis)

Wood in G (double choir unaccompanied setting)

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