Our CD

“Stranded in Seattle! – Music from the April 2010 Tour”

Our latest CD was released on 29 October 2011, containing music from our last tour to America.
What was supposed to be a 10-day tour of the Seattle area in the Pacific Northwest USA turned into three weeks because of the Icelandic volcano ash-cloud and the closure of UK airspace; after an extra two nights at St Barnabas, Bainbridge Island, we spent a week at Edmonton Cathedral in Alberta, Canada, while we waited for Air Canada to get us home.

The full story of that tour can be found here: Tour Report Apr 2010

To order a copy of the CD, please e-mail Rose Henn-Macrae (rose.hm@gundulf.org.uk) or Rachael Curtis (treasurer@gundulf.org.uk).

Track listing:

  1. William Harris: Most glorious Lord of life
    ProgNote 01
  2. Charles Villiers Stanford: Magnificat in G
    Soloist: Amanda Grout
    ProgNote 02-03
  3. Charles Villiers Stanford: Nunc Dimittis in G
    Soloist: Jeremy Clitheroe
  4. Orlando Gibbons: If ye be risen again with Christ
    Soloists: Jo Mings, Jess Kinney, Kris Thomsett
    ProgNote 04
  5. Charles Wood: Glorious and powerful God
    ProgNote 05
  6. Psalm 150 – Chant by Percy Whitlock
    ProgNote 06
  7. Herbert Brewer: Magnificat in D
    ProgNote 07-08
  8. Herbert Brewer: Nunc Dimittis in D
  9. Malcolm Archer: And I saw a new heaven
    ProgNote 09
  10. Hugh Blair: Ye choirs of new Jerusalem
    ProgNote 10
  11. Morten Lauridsen: O nata lux
    ProgNote 11
  12. Hymn: O laughing light (tune by John Van Maanen)
  13. Herbert Howells: O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
    ProgNote 13
  14. Barry Ferguson: Jubilate (In Memoriam Michael McCree)
    Soloist: Mary Jeffreys
    ProgNote 14
  15. John Ireland: Te Deum in F
    ProgNote 15

Director: Douglas Henn-Macrae
Organists: Scott Farrell & Dan Soper
Producer: Scott Farrell
Recording Engineer: Andrew Coulson
Recorded in Rochester Cathedral, August 2010 and July 2011


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