ProgNote 15

JOHN IRELAND (1879-1962) was born in Cheshire and died in Sussex. He studied at the Royal College of Music, where his composition teacher was Stanford. He was Organist of St Luke's, Chelsea, from 1904 to 1926, and a Professor of Composition at the Royal College from 1923 to 1939, where his pupils included Benjamin Britten and EJ Moeran. Apart from his positions as organist and teacher, his whole life was devoted to composition. It has been suggested that the opening melody of his Te Deum in F resembles that of the Beatles’ song “Hey, Jude”, and one can’t help wondering if this piece might have been in the choir’s repertoire at St Barnabas, Penny Lane, Liverpool in the 1950s and perhaps influenced a young boy chorister there named Paul McCartney….

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